As a community, let's work together to make Court & Smith Streets cleaner, safer & more vibrant!

We are a group of local property owners, business owners, and residents who have banded together in order to establish a BID on Court Street and Smith Street in the Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill, and Carroll Gardens neighborhoods of Brooklyn. BIDs (Business Improvement Districts) exist across New York City in order to deliver services above and beyond what is provided by New York City. A BID on Court & Smith Street will result in a cleaner, better cared for, more vibrant, more festive, greener, and safer neighborhood. With your support, we can establish this BID and have a positive impact on our neighborhood for years to come!

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What is a BID?


A Business Improvement District (BID) is a public /private partnership in which property owners and commercial tenants make a collective contribution to the maintenance, development, and promotion of their commercial district. There are over 68 BIDs currently in NYC with 23 right here in Brooklyn.  BID programs provide programs and services for each of their neighborhoods, driving traffic, increasing commercial business and solidify the overall value of their districts. BID programs may include the following services: sanitation, maintenance,beautification, greening initiatives, street-scaping (trees, flower boxes, decorations), community marketing, small business promotion, public safety, city and state advocacy, holiday decorations, tourism services, parenting and elderly assistance programs, and much more.   


The BID contains Court & Smith streets between Pacific and Second Place

The BID contains Court & Smith streets between Pacific and Second Place



While BID programs serve a multitude of purposes, the most important is how they strengthen the commercial backbone of their individual communities. While our district is already a great place to live, raise families, work and create businesses, it can be stronger. The city can only do so much for its many great neighborhoods and our current city services, no matter how great, are inadequate for meeting our community’s needs and desires to beautify its streets and promote its businesses. The BID will strengthen critical services and provide an organized voice and advocacy for the local property owners and commercial tenants. Court Street and Smith Street have always been the commercial backbone of the Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill and Carroll Gardens area. With MANY expenses soaring overnight these days, your involvement is essential to preserve our neighborhoods greatest attributes. Let’s help ensure that our great storefronts have the community’s support to grow for many generations to come. 

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Our steering committee is a small group of local businesses and property owners from the proposed district. We recently conducted a neighborhood survey to best assess the immediate needs our district of businesses and overall community faces. These were the results and this is our plan



This BID will provide marketing services for our entire district of businesses including extensive tourism programs and promotion of local events. We'll bring people from around the city and the world to shop in out most historic neighborhood. Wehave always had great street fairs, soup socials, and even theatre in Carroll Park. Imagine even more events and outings to bring our community closer together and celebrate the arts, music, local food, restaurants, holiday caroling and much much more.


Sanitation that the city provides just isn't enough. A BID in place will provide additional and much needed; street and sidewalk cleaning, graffiti removal, potholes filled, tree branches removed, snow removal, etc., our entire district's streets can be cleaner and safer for all.


Imagine our district with more trees, flower boxes, planters, banners and decorations of all kinds throughout the year. Adding to the city's limited resources, we can make a real and noticeable difference with the additional resources that the BID will provide.


Look around the streets and you'll see areas that need improvement, be it bike lanes that need to be added or designated more clearly, security patrols when foot traffic is heavy, visitor assistance, or security cameras. All of these elements are part of the BID plan. Let's ensure our safety by putting city and state advocacy initiatives in place and make our area safer than ever!


Have you noticed that there are no lighted holiday decorations in December on all of Smith Street and most of Court? In order for our businesses to thrive during the holiday shopping season, our budget will provide the necessary funds to light up the streets and celebrate each season and all annual holidays

The Smith Street Mural on Smith between Douglas & Degraw. Partnering with the Invisible Dog Art Center and commissioning artist Magda Love we took a sad section of Smith and made it special. See what a BID can do!

The Smith Street Mural on Smith between Douglas & Degraw. Partnering with the Invisible Dog Art Center and commissioning artist Magda Love we took a sad section of Smith and made it special. See what a BID can do!



What is a BID?

A Business Improvement District (BID) is a formal organization consisting of local property owners and commercial tenants who are dedicated to promoting business development and improving the neighborhood's quality of life. There are currently over 60 BIDs in New York City.

Who pays for a BID?

Property owners within the BID receive an assessment on their tax bill each year. The assessment is based off a formula and takes into account the property's size and commercial frontage.

What will the BID do for me?

Commercial tenants and residents benefit from having a cleaner, safer, and more inviting community. For commercial tenants, this can result in more people out on the streets and more customers. For residential tenants, this means a nicer community in which to live. Property owners within the BID frequently see property values rise at a fast rate than nearby areas without BIDs

Who runs the BID?

All decision making related to the BID is made by a local Board of Directors. The board is elected by members of the district and must include property owners, commercial tenants, residents, and publicly elected officials.  The Board decides how the BIDs budget is spent and who is hired to execute BID initiatives. 

What services does the BID offer?

The services offered by a BID depends of the needs of the community. The needs assessment conducted by the BID steering committee determined that Court and Smith’s biggest needs are Sanitation and Maintenance, Beautification and Greenification, Street-scaping and Decorations, Community & Business Marketing & Promotion, and Public Safety & Advocacy. These focuses can change with time and in-response to community feedback. 

Will we still receive the same services supplied by the city?

BIDs receive the same services already supplied by the city. The services provided by the BID are supplementary to the city’s services. 


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What do other Brooklyn BID members say about their BIDs?


"I love the fact that 5th Avenue has a BID for the mere fact that I have a place to connect with other business owners to discuss ideas, brainstorm strategies, vent, mastermind and overall network.  The 5th Avenue BID gives me an opportunity to help not only my business but the community in which I decided to conduct my business in.  It gives me an opportunity to have a voice in creating and shaping decisions impacting the 5th Avenue corridor so as to make it a viable place to hang, buy, stroll, dine, drink and shop as well as play, too."

Farid Ali Lancheros

Owner Bogota Latin Bistro and Miti Miti Taperia

Member of Park Slope 5th Ave BID

"I've had my business, Hootie Couture, on North Flatbush for 14 years and love having a Business Improvement District supporting me. In addition to providing extra sidewalk cleaning and creating a nice corridor, the NFBID team is able to help promote my business when I have things going on. It also provides opportunities to interact with other neighborhood businesses and we get to share information and tips."

Alison Houtte

Owner Hootie Couture

Member of North Flatbush BID

"The Dumbo BID is an invaluable marketing and promotion partner to our cultural and literary activities and programming; it has a particularly active social media presence and is the local go-to source for breaking event news in the neighborhood. They have also been vital in coordinating the various city agencies and spearheading street upgrades, stoplight installations, and neighborhood beautification, making our waterfront community safer and inviting. I can't say enough good things about how important our BID is to our business and the look and feel of our community."

Daniel Power

Owner The POWERhouse Arena

Member of the DUMBO Improvement District

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